Accredited fields of study – Master’s degree

Field of study 2.2.1. Fine arts, daily form of studies


Organization of studies

Master’s degree length of studies is 2 years. The studies are concluded by an exam in history of art and theory of arts and by a practical diploma thesis (academic title Mgr. art.).

Study programs:

Free fine arts

A graduate of the master’s studies is a free artist. He is able to find orientation in the world of contemporary art. His theoretical knowledge in the history of arts, esthetics and philosophy are at a level where he is capable of reflecting on current, complex and difficult strategies of fine arts, its wide variety of forms, tendencies and alternatives. The acquired knowledge and experience he is able to transform into ideological concepts of his own artistic program. He understands current cultural and social events as a complex multilayered space which determines his behavior, but which he, as an artist, can transform. He is able to realize his own projects, organize workshops and other artistic activities. He is prepared for professional activity and international confrontation in the area of visual arts. The graduate of the master’s degree in the field of fine arts may continue in studies in 3rd level of academic studies.
Master’s degree length of studies is 4 semesters. To the successful graduates of bachelor’s degree it offers a targeted and intensive development of their unique creative growth within his personal artistic search. Further it offers also widening of practical and theoretical knowledge within a selected studio. It significantly encourages forms of directed self-studies and auto-profiling.

A successful master’s degree graduate is awarded an academic title “master of arts” (Mgr. art.).