The admission procedure enables the applicant, who proves that he meets the specified conditions of admission to study, to become a student of the relevant study program at FFA. The basic condition for admission to the study program of the second degree according to § 53 art. 1 is a first-level university education. An applicant who does not prove that he meets the basic conditions for admission to study at the time of verification of the fulfillment of the conditions for admission may be admitted to study conditionally. Definitive admission to study is conditional upon successful completion of the Bachelor’s degree study program. Proof of completion of the Bachelor’s degree study program must be submitted within ten days after its completion, but no later than the date of registration for studies. The Faculty of Fine Arts of the Academy of Arts (hereinafter FFA AA) determines additional conditions for admission to the study program of the second degree with in order to ensure that applicants with necessary skills and assumptions. FFA AA verifies the fulfillment of the conditions with an entrance exam, which is intended as part of the verification of study abilities. Specified conditions a the method of verifying their fulfillment allows the selection of applicants who demonstrate the highest degree of ability to study. An applicant with specific needs, at his request based on an evaluation of his specific needs [§ 100, art. 9, letter b)] will determine the form of the entrance exam and the method of its execution s taking into account his specific needs. The admission procedure takes place in person. In in the event that in at the time of the admission procedure, the study is conducted using the distance method of teaching, the admission procedure can also take place via the distance method. Due to the application of the same evaluation criteria for all applicants o studying at FFA AA, it is not possible to determine an alternative date for the admission procedure. Master's studies take place only in the form of full-time studies, external forms are not possible. The admission procedure for the applicant for study of studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica begins by filling out the application form and its subsequent sending in to the faculty on the set date. Knowledge of the Slovak language is required for study.

Administrative fee: €25.

The applicant pays it with a U-type postal order or by non-cash transfer from account. The administrative fee is not refunded to applicants. Confirmation of payment of the admission interview fee must be sent together with application for study (a copy of the document of payment). The applicant, who pays the fee by postal order or non-cash payment, is obliged to show the original receipt of of payment, or by the original confirmation issued by the relevant banking institution that made the payment upon presentation in the first day of the entrance exams. Ústrížok by payment of an administrative fee a the applicant must present an identity card during the presentation, otherwise he will not be admitted to admission interview. We ask you to meeting the presentation deadline, we will not accept late arrivals for admission talent tests.

Recipient's account name: Akadémia umení FVU, ul. J. Kollára 22, 974 01 Banská Bystrica
Monetary institution/bank: State treasury
IBAN : SK5081800000007000067813
Account number: 7000067813/8180
Variable symbol: 301
On the back side of the Information for recipient mark: PP FVU

Electronic application form:

To fill out the electronic application form, you need to log in on the website, where the applicant fills out the electronic application, confirms and will print. The signed application with will send the necessary attachments by post to FFA.

Written application form:

Application for university studies Master’s degree
Explanations for filling out the Application form for university studies

Entrance exam for the master's study program


Application deadline: May 26, 2023
Date of admission procedure: June 20, 2023

The entrance exam consists of the following parts:

o The candidate's portfolio in print and electronic form, which should contain:
• the most important works of the applicant (min. 10 works of art),
• short Curriculum Vitae,
• list of artistic activities (exhibitions, workshops, symposium, published texts, etc.).
o Master's individualized study project in written form in the scope of max. 3 standard pages/5400 characters including spaces and punctuation, in which he defines:
• basic frameworks of master's research in the vision stage, where he formulates the scope and subject of interest of his artistic research,
• area in the master's degree in which he wants to carry out his research in the context of one of the four study program platforms: IDM Platform, Painting Platform, Graphics Platform, Space Platform.
o The discussion between committee members and the applicant for master's studies in the form of a discussion in which the applicant presents:
• yourself and your work through a visual presentation/portfolio in electronic form,
• a master's degree project where he will present his vision and research area in the context of one of the four platforms he has chosen.

Evaluation of the entrance exam:

o Portfolio - must obtain a minimum of 20 points out of a maximum of 30 points;
o Project - must receive at least 20 points out of a maximum of 30 points;
o Debate - must get at least 26 points out of a maximum of 40 points.
Total for all tasks - must get a minimum of 66 points out of a maximum of 100 points. Admissions Committee assesses the applicant's individual abilities and prerequisites to independently and creatively handle the requirements of a master's degree at the faculty, comprehensiveness in issues and events in the field, level of thinking and knowledge of the history and theory of art and aesthetics, achieved results in the completed bachelor's study program (academic average in this study) . The dean decides on admission to the study program. The decision on the result of the admission procedure is made in writing within 30 days from the verification of the fulfillment of the admission conditions. It contains a statement, justification and instruction on the possibility of submitting a request for a review of the decision. The applicant can submit a request for a review of the decision on the result of the admission procedure. The application is submitted to the dean of the faculty within eight days from the date of its delivery. An applicant who has received a decision not to be accepted for studies has the right to inspect the documentation of his admission procedure upon request.

The planned number of admitted students for the academic year 2023/2024 is: 25