Academy of arts, Faculty of fine arts in “From noise to sound” publication and film

Faculty Of Fine Arts has been participating in the international project “From Noise to Sound” supported by International Visegrad Fund ( and coordinated by Academy of Arts, University of Novi Sad together with Academy of Arts, Banska Bystrica
The aim of the project is to tackle the issue of the lack of the contemporary sculpture in Novi Sad through mutual work of students and teachers from 4 countries (Serbia, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland). The idea behind this project is to make a critical analysis of the contemporary sculpture practice of Novi Sad through intercultural dialogue and international viewpoint. The exchange of ideas, examples of best practice of V4 know-how puts an added value to this project as they will translate their unique experience in urban designing of this kind: the examples of contemporary design of public spaces in the cities of Banská Bystrica, Pécs and Poznań.
Representatives of our institution have participated the workshop held in Novi Sad in May/June 2019. Now the project publication and film featuring our pedagogues Peter Valiska - Timečko, Filip Jurkovič and student from IDM department Martin Pisko are out.

More about the project publication and film:

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