Výstava: Transformation Necessity

The exhibition "Transformation Necessity" presents visitors with a series of paintings created as "instructions" for using the body in dialogue with the world. It is the unfolding of a long-standing personal interest in alternative approaches to painting that reflects the great challenges of the post-human era. The result is paintings in the form of manuals or scores, in which the emphasis is on transformation, the only way to sublimate the body, whose meaning seems lost in the banality of ordinary existence. These paintings have features of the philosophy of posthumanism combined with a new animistic way of thinking. The new animism has emerged in recent years as a possible alternative to the processes of objectification and alienation that characterize humanity's relationship with nature in the Anthropocene. It is, in fact, the possibility of a renewed creative practice of rediscovering the world. It is a relational practice in which human beings cultivate respectful relationships with other persons, whether human or non-human. Since the world is no longer understood as a dualistic, hierarchical relationship between humans and other non-human beings and objects, but as a relational network of different animated beings, the new animism intervenes in contemporary debates on the crisis of the economic system and the environmental crisis.

The exhibition is realized in cooperation with the Accton Art Foundation.


Supported using public funding by Slovak Art Council