Department of Graphics

Studio GPS (graphics-space-synergy)

grafika AGPS
Bachelor’s degree (Bc.) study program Graphics
Master’s degree (Mgr. art.) study program Free fine art
The space of the graphics medium is necessary to be perceived as an open structure which has an ambition to obtain new forms of existence.

Multidisciplinary world of contemporary visual art with its expanding tendency of information, feelings and knowledge will only be useful for the future artist in case it helps not only the mechanical application of “the new trends”, but it also becomes a tool of new discoveries.

Originality or the authenticity of the solution lies in the project, or in the concept more than in adoration of technological selection and fashion trends. The originality is in this case understood as expression maximization of reflection and self-reflection, as a need for identity search in accordance with other language contexts of fine art.

The character of graphic art language gains new proportions through the relationship matrix- image or projection. A statement, which seems to be a valid definition of graphics, is that the basis of graphic art is the existence of a matrix (physical, spiritual, virtual) and its transfer in the relevant material.

A change in the language of graphics media comes along with the change of linguistic forms of art. The artist enters a simultaneous game of coordinates of his own emotionality against those of global visual space.

Head of the studio:
doc. Robert Brun, Academic Artist