Department of Painting

Studio of critical image analysis

Atelier Kresby
Bachelor’s degree (Bc.) study program Painting
Master’s degree (Mgr. art.) study program Free fine art
Opposition to image conventions and finding new expression in the reflection of styles and concepts. Emphasis on the cultivation of expression based on the interpretation of existing facts, motifs and technologies, overlaps and quotations, knowledge and unorthodox appropriation of classical forms.
The study should provide the student of this studio with a comprehensive opportunity for self-realization in the creative process. In addition to the experience of precise drawing and painting study according to reality, which is a non-transferable and irreplaceable experience, the student learns the basics of the creative process, examines his own limits, seeks and finds his own artistic expression across the media.
The range of selected methods ranges from initiating, procedural rituals through conscious analytical and constructive studies of the subject reality and spatial phenomena in a binocular view. The mission of various forms of expression is to deepen and become aware of the content and formal requirements of the creative process. Student seeks, touches the boundaries of the media, crosses them in an individually informed decision in the territory of painting, drawing, action or realization in real space.
Head of the studio:
doc. Štefan Balázs, ArtD., Academic Artist