Department of Graphics

Studio of free production

Bachelor’s degree (Bc.) study program Graphics
Master’s degree (Mgr. art.) study program Free fine art
The studio focuses on acquiring new theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of graphics, obtaining partial skills, as well as conceptually formulating and technologically and technically realizing the artistic intention within the given topic. Furthermore it puts emphasis on creating one’s own artistic language and visual means and acquiring knowledge for creating author’s own graphic techniques. Artistic and educational process is based on individual approach toward the student and it is structured as an open space for artistic communication. The program of the studio is put into frames of thematic areas of semestral works, purpose of which is to put focus on current topics within the context of contemporary art. Continuous evaluation of semestral works is done by the form of corrections and final semestral exhibition at the end of semester. Graphic art is understood as an active medium which is not rigid in its form and the emphasis is put on mastering the given topic, especially in the classical graphic techniques.
Head of the Studio:
doc. Igor Benca, Academic Artist