Department of Graphics

Preparatory studio

grafika pripravny atelier
Bachelor’s degree (Bc.) study program Graphics
The students become familiar with the medium of graphics through the basic technological processes, where they acquire necessary technological skills (every semester a different topic is given, together with the graphic principle of print, e.g. relief printing in winter semester, intaglio in summer semester). At the same time the students are led toward basic drawing literacy through studio drawing of every-day objects (basic visual features, composition, perspective, depiction of space and understanding of inner composition of objects).
Upon successfully passing the course the student will be able to do the following:
- know the basic fine arts expression tools
- know how to respond to a given studio topic appropriately to the academic environment
- take an individual attitude toward the given topic and continue to receive important artistic experience by individual work with own material.
The student will complete a drawing training (studio drawing of an every-day object). Thus he will be able to depict a tri-dimensional reality onto a two-dimensional surface of an image by the drawing medium.
Head of the studio:
Mgr. art. Martin Derner