Department of Sculpture

Studio of figural expression

Atelier figuralneho prejavu
Bachelor’s degree (Bc.) study program Sculpture
Main credo of the Studio of figural expression is for the student during his studies and while deepening his historical continuity of figural sculpture to develop in parallel manner his own philosophical opinion and searched for his identity in artistic expression. The main program of the studio is a study of human figure in its variability, mastering expression means of a mass, volume, reduction and composition in a space. To lead the students toward the use of summarization and won interpretation by the means of appropriating the classical sculpture processes in the area of figural sculpture, developing the idea concepts and the esthetic expression values. The assigned tasks have a dimension from a chamber form to integration of sculptures into the real natural and architectural space. The goal of the studio is also to support and encourage the students in their search for topical social and existential questions of today’s life and lead them toward expressing their own opinions by an art form. Also to inspire them in a search for new forms, use of new materials in their own works. The stress is put on a communication with the current happening in contemporary figural sculpting, development of personality and intellectual outlook by the formation of the student’s own program.
Head of the studio:
doc. Peter Gáspár, Academic Artist
Mgr. art. Eva Masaryková, ArtD.