Department of Intermedia and digital media

Preparatory studio

Bachelor’s degree (Bc.) study program Intermedia and digital media
A student in the preparatory studio during the working process continuously acquires knowledge about various forms of intermedia art and its visual or expression aspects and demonstrations. The education process in the Preparatory studio makes provision for a certain anticipated proportionality between various forms of discourse, which are particular for each studio of the Department of Intermedia and Other media (IOM) and their objective. The openness and overlaps among the individual sections of the department enable a natural interconnectivity by realization of semestral block exercises and fusions of creative processes or strategies, various expression positions and forms of discourse with the emphasis on authenticity, author’s approach and innovative character of the presented work.

The educational process in the Preparatory studio goes through all three sections of Department of IOM. The preparatory studio focuses on block exercises, where a first year student realizes a work under a supervision of teachers from all the studios of the department- Studios of Intermedia, Digital media a Photomedia.
In both semesters students realize three assigned works. This way we keep the balance among interconnected, but still specific expressions and approaches significant for particular department studios. Students fulfill three assignments in each semester.
This model opens the students of the Preparatory studio natural environment, where besides trying new approaches for work realization they may also test and discover their own inclination toward a particular form of statement expression in connection with the studios character at the Department of IOM (Intermedia, Digital media, Photomedia).
All three assignments- each monthly carried out exercise, is in corrected and evaluated in the particular semester at the internal departmental forum. This open platform offers space for partial presentations, which have a character of working exhibitions, but at the same time it offers a possibility for mutual creative confrontation of the first authors’ output, their reflection and evaluation.
The Preparatory studio is an important segment of continuous educational process. After completing the Preparatory studio the students decide, in which of the department studios they will continue. That is why the environment of the Preparatory studio may be the place offering the students a first quality professional framework and it has the ability to be a significant co-determining impulse for student’s future direction.

Head of the studio: 
Mgr. art. Peter Janáčik, Ph.D.