Department of Intermedia and digital media

Studio Digital media

Bachelor’s degree (Bc.) study program Intermedia and digital media
Master’s degree (Mgr. art.) study program Free fine art

Studio of digital media oscillates with its concept between fine arts and the technologies in the context of present society and offers a wide scale of application for new technologies and media into the current art expression and post-conceptual thinking. It offers students to make use of artistic capabilities of computers with the focus on interdisciplinary studies, on the potential of new technologies and new media and their creative usage in artistic practice.

A successful graduate goes through preparation in basic forms of artistic expression- experimental film, animated film, video art, short video film, digital animation, web-art projects, software art, video objects, video projections in urban environment, video performances, video installations, and others. The studio also offers support in theoretical area, which leads the students toward articulating baseline ideas, enables a more flexible orientation in the forms of artistic expression and also creates a basic platform for transfer from traditional disciplines, through intermedia, to digital media and the art of new media and technologies. It opens a space for searching a way toward the works oscillating between science and art (sci-art). The graduate will have clarified the strategies of thinking in the language of moving image: video art, video installations, interactive video installations integrating conceptual and neo-conceptual tendencies, and also current tendencies in contemporary fine art.

Studio of digital media also offers a possibility to take on digital video, as a moving image in wider context influenced by digital medium under the influence of technological evolution. So besides the more traditional form of video projections, video objects, video installations, video films and experimental films, it is open to interactive TV, VJing, mapping, computer games, virtual reality, internet art, interactive video projection, 3D animation, Michinima, telecommunication and data art, etc.
As the studio also focuses on sound, it also offers a research in this segment of art. Sound art, or digital audio art, which draws continuously more attention after the year 2000, ranges from sound objects and installations, through interactive, investigative sound objects, including subversive, quasiarcheological, socio-art, community and environmental artistic probes. Working with sound creates potential for creating own audio works, which are used in video art and multimedia performances.

The studio offers a possibility to put into realization interactive art and provides the latest software options, such as processing, vvvv programing and puredata. The computer possibilities create a wide use for aspect of temporality in fine art (time-based art). These models include online works, digital media, installations and performances, or works requiring a computer (disc-based).
The studio is open to the works with time also in the other media, such as action art, performances, acoustic works, public space interventions, etc. The emphasis is put on the content and topics, where the student has a chance for independent thinking and defining their own direction. The studio gives space for independent artistic creativity, it takes into account the process of student’s personal formation, teaches him to articulate ideas, impulses and topics, which are consequently formed into a compact unit, capable of communication in the media environment.

Practical, technological and theoretical knowledge in the field of digital media and communication technologies lead to independent thinking over both author’s individual and given topics in the language of (post)digital media. Professional skills enable the graduates to successfully master artistic thoughts as well as the work concept and they create a prerequisite for communication of such a work in professional artistic environment, as well as in the digital culture environment or its application into the commercial environment. The strategies of thinking in the new media language integrate conceptual and neo-conceptual tendencies, as well as current tendencies in contemporary fine art and thematically they do not avoid important artistic and critical issues.

As part of the supplementary educational activities the studio organizes lectures and art workshops, publishes DVD with students’ works, it supports participation at the festivals and it administers a web for documentation and information IDM.NET.DAT (

An important part of the studio is a course External workshop, which goal is to spread the professional knowledge of students away from the academic environment with the emphasis on verification of acquired knowledge in a particular external environment. The workshop offers the student, as the autonomous creator, more independence in expression, it enables to show the ability to work in a team, it supports collaboration and participation, enables confrontation with students from other art universities in Slovakia. External workshop may be realized in a form of individual participation in creative studio with professional lecturer. It may be attended as exhibition participation away from the school, or even the student himself may initiate and/or organize a creative workshop, or prepare an exhibition away from the school environment as a curator.

Head of the studio:
Mgr. art Ján Adamove, ArtD.