Department of Intermedia and digital media

Studio Photomedium

Bachelor’s degree (Bc.) study program Intermedia and digital media
Master’s degree (Mgr. art.) study program Free fine art
The studio of photomedia is led by prof. Milota Havránková and doctoral student Andrea Chrenková. It has been open for students since the year 2013 and its results mostly focus on the medium of photography in the structure of intermedia contexts.
The creative artistic work with photography is understood in the studio as an open extension of thinking about the questions of evolution and perception of reality in the mirror of life, which is wide spread across the art world of today.
The goals is to produce graduates who can present their author’s works with innovative approach and with high theoretical and also practical knowledge, which is capable of critical self-reflection not only toward the surrounding world and art, but also toward their own creative thinking. Photography has become an innovative art for good, because it is more and more connected with a human. Just like language, which has been evolving for centuries and it enabled people verbal communication, photography provides a new form of understanding materialized by an image, which has become a direct mediator of current affairs leading us ever more toward no-touch understanding of art.
Technical development is constantly moving forward and creates new forms of experience with photography. The reflection and consequence of that is always a newly perceived reality, both for the creator, who wants to mediate something that cannot be described by words, as well as the viewer. For the language of the photograph to remain timeless, it must adjust to new reality, but at the same time it must stay down to earth as a classical form of cognition which is larger than us and is intuitively inserted into the emotion of perception.
The studio of photomedia began under prof. Jiří David in 2011-2013 and he set the limits of perception in the intermedia understanding of photography, which became a part if various current topics. The studio of photomedia has meaningfully entered the structures of the whole department, which is oriented in the spirit of mutual media mostly influenced by the great technical revolution and concept. I also started to work with the students in that sense and I am trying to bring a new feature of visualization and change the photographic thinking.
A strong change in the 90’s brought a new look at the photography which cannot be taken out of movement of the interdependencies. Those create a coherent structure by each creative individual’s selection.
The world gets bigger and smaller, everybody takes photographs.
Photography went through a very rapid evolution of light and darkness and it focused it strategies mostly on the perception of art and it brings new re-evaluations. The image of the photograph is open, omnipresent and it had not boundaries. In a busy documentation it finds its place in the present and in the future. From this point of view the Studio of Intermedia is a real challenge for a thought. In my personal experience and by opening myself up through a photographic image I have not found anything that could not be immortalized this way. A photograph as a means of documentation is both true and deceiving; it only depends on the power of personality and the ability of perceiving reality. Every imperfection may be the goal of knowledge and a total perfection a loss without identity.
I consider the studio of photomedia a place for contemplation within a photographic medium, as well as in the intermedia overlaps within the moving images. An important part is an open platform of dialogue within coming to harmony with the topic. Conceptual understanding of life stories and events which open space to creative activities are a natural reflection in every student’s development. Today the photographer is not only the person who can push the shutter button, but the one who is able to create his own truth by the right selection of reality and at the same time is able to find his bearings with grace and intellectual overview.
The studio has the ambition to be under a continuous development in the way it views the reality we live and create in. The Bachelor and Master degree level studies enable a deeper perception in the area of visual art which is one of the most important parts of life and it opens doors to a new reality.
Head of the studio:
prof. Milota Havránková
Mgr. art. Andrea Chreňová