Department of Intermedia and digital media

Studio Intermedia

Bachelor’s degree (Bc.) study program Intermedia and digital media
The studies at the studio of intermedia create premises for students’ individual creative work. They will gradually become familiar with general creative strategies in the area of intermedia art, both at the theoretical and practical level.
The main aim is to develop inventive approach and students’ individual creative thinking in such a way that it would contribute to their self-recognition and it would refine their personal growth. The studio has integral and synthetizing character. It enables the students to use and freely combine “classical” and “new” media. The realizations are a result of individual observation and creative evaluation of current social topics, which are connected with space-time self-awareness (biospace, social space, media space, public space, urban space, virtual space, etc.). The artistic solution may have a two-dimensional character (concept, photography, painting, computer or alternative graphics), but it may also be three-dimensional (object, video sculpture, video object, installation). Equally important is usage of multimedia and current digital technologies (net art, virtual and interactive art). A big accent is put on the use of physical space and its individual evaluation, which equally influences the content and form of static and also non-stationary forms of presentations. The selection of an appropriate medium during the work on semestral assignments is done by content of the works.
The Studio of Intermedia is characterized by its openness and mutual inter-connection with all the other studios at the Department of Intermedia and Other media. This principle is used especially in the first two years of the studies, during which the students are getting more acquainted with various educational approaches and they obtain elementary technical and technological skills, which are inevitable for successful realization of studio assignments.
The learning process in the studio of Intermedia is done in a form of consultations and ends by qualitative evaluation of semestral works. By the evaluations a big emphasis is put on regular and active attendance on consultations and on fulfilment of assigned thematic tacks in the particular semester. Self-education in theoretical and practical field, active participation at contemporary art exhibitions, film festivals and external workshops are also a part of the complex evaluation. The studies comprise of lectures, seminars and constructive consultations. As motivational elements and continuous creative inspiration during the semester we organize public presentations from our students’ foreign study exchanges and external workshops. Study exchanges and professional workshops complement educational process and widen the students’ knowledge of current technical and technological processes, but also various creative approaches. By confronting the achievements from the exhibitions and festivals the students obtain necessary self-confidence and thus contribute to their artistic performance formation. A characteristic feature of educational process are continuous consultations and professional advice, which is done on the basis an active dialogue between the teacher and the students. A team work support between older and younger students and gradual differentiation of their professional specialization come as something natural. An inseparable part of educational process is analyses of art works and current artistic strategies, gallery visits and becoming familiar with the context of contemporary fine art developments. Taking an active part in organizational and grant activities also helps them to prepare for a smoother transfer from a student life into a public life.
Head of the studio:
doc. Miroslav Nicz, Academic Artist
Mgr. art. Peter Janáčik PhD.