Department of Sculpture

Studio: Sculpture and applied media

Atelier Socha a aplikovane media
Bachelor’s degree (Bc.) study program Sculpture
Master’s degree (Mgr. art.) study program Free fine art
General theoretical, philosophical and artistic background of the studio:
1. theory a typology of sculpture and sculpting
2. history, evolution and the present of sculpture and sculpting
3. sculpture as a way of thinking and expression of inevitable historical continuity
4. specifics of sculpting in the context of other art disciplines and media
5. task, meaning and function of a sculpture today
6. sculpture and sculpting overlaps into other media
7. sculpture as a medium
Educational concept and its postulates:
The concept of studies in the studio is focused on research and a study of issues in contemporary sculpture. From a typological point of view it reflects the fundamental expressions of postmodern sculpting in contextual and historical continuity with both classical and modern sculpting.
At theoretical and content level it tries to redefine and re-legitimize a sculpture as a medium which is capable of ideological, esthetic, formal and social statement, which is required today in confrontation with other types of art, disciplines, media and the art in general.
At thematic level it deals with probing several current problems of today’s art (such as identity, sexuality, social relationships, industrialization, recycling, consumption, production and creation of art, or mass media and other globalization, and others). However, the main set of themes remains sculpture by itself and sculpture as a medium.
At formal and realization level to search, specify and define new possibilities in the area of generic, disciplinary, technological, material and media overlaps.
Anchoring, definition and specification of studio’s study programs within the complex study program of the faculty.
Acceleration of the studies and the educational process by the form of lectures, students’ presentations, workshops and active grant activity as a natural form of keeping the thematic and ideological profile of the studio up to date.
Enlarging the space for creative dialogue by a form of international contacts, study trainings and stays of both students and teachers.
Bachelor’s degree:
The central point is student’s independent work in a studio in accordance with the assignments from the head of the studio. The goal is to teach the student the basic processes and techniques of sculpting expression with an emphasis on a creative element, originality of solution and overlaps into other media, as well as the theme expression. Essential part of the studies is the quality of the communication level between a student and a teacher.

Master’s degree:
Independent studies based on individual program with the ability to analyze and interpret one’s own work and consequently present it in adequate manner. Conscious and program overlaps into other areas of art and media are expected. Consultations, analyses and discussions about philosophical and art aspects of artistic output happen during a dialogue between a student and a teacher. The studies enable the students to obtain overview about the historical evolution of art and it points toward current contexts of art as a new way of communication. It creates prerequisites for independent artistic work and intellectual growth.

Doctoral degree:
Doctoral degree studies require abilities to program, lead, evaluate and analyze one’s own artistic research, based on individual artistic program, not only in the area of one’s own work, but also in the area of art theory and artistic practice consequent to application of acquired knowledge into educational practice. The studies give opportunities for continual personal growth and professionalization of the student’s own art work.

Head of the studio:
doc. Juraj Sapara, Academic Artist
Mgr. art. Ivana Sláviková, ArtD.
of the studio (slovak)