Department of Painting


startup atelier1
Bachelor’s degree (Bc.) study program Painting
Master’s degree (Mgr. art.) study program Free fine art
The STARTUP studio is based on conceptual research of the painting media. The aim of the studio is to lead the student to an analytical, creative painting approach that has a conceptual character, a clearly formulated idea and an art intention. The goal of the studio is to offer students a constructive start-up line that has a conceptual focus, supports and develops student themes and works with critical content in relation to individuals, society, and living reality. The content and thematic aspects of the course are based on the student's critical thinking. Topics that relate to critical expression, with overlapping engagement into content of painting, are the bearing element of the studio. The student is led to independence in composing his artistic testimony. This process accentuates the construction of a painting and an individual painting language whose technology corresponds with the content and it complements it conceptually. 
Head of the studio:
doc. Mgr. art. Ján Triaška, ArtD.