Department of Sculpture

Studio of free figural expression

Atelier volneho figuralneho prejavu 
Master’s degree (Mgr. art.) study program free fine art
Studio of free figural expression realizes a program which aims to prepare a student for independent realization of artistic work at the master’s level of studies. The scope of carried out themes and art problems widely covers human presence through a figure or preserved memory of its presence in an individually created situation and tridimensional environment.
The main goal of accomplishing the tasks during the first year is to recognize student’s craft and creative capabilities, their improvement and in cooperation with a teacher form their artistic individuality. In the first year of master’s studies the students realize assigned themes, along with their own ones, as the basis for the defense of their diploma thesis. The second year is fully focused on the work on the diploma work in the field of sculpture, which should in its ideological prerequisite reflect student’s artistic attitude and be a convincing presentation of his or her personality.
A graduate from the two year master’s studies should be a creator using originality and sculpture language in accordance with his or her personality. Artistic attitude, derived from knowledge of art history and the latest contemporary expressions, shaped through individual dialogue with the teacher and the relationships within the group of students, should be confirmed by a convincing, original and fully matured diploma thesis. 
Head of the studio:
doc. Peter Gáspár, Academic Artist
Mgr. Art. Eva Masaryková, ArtD.