Department of Intermedia and digital media

Studio of Transmedia

Master’s degree (Mgr. art.) study program Free fine art
The educational process in the studio is aimed at the use of creative potential of the students with the focus on creation of individual artistic expression in the context of current art movements, while accepting their individuality. The studio work is an open space based on an active communication with the student, with an aim to support his creative thinking. The communication in the studio is focuses on the use of appropriate media while processing the topics. The aim is to prepare a student who is able to use the means of current artistic tendencies in the graphics and technologies of visual communication. Continual education in the studio is based on the use of basic means of expression and building components of an art work within alternative graphic work. Another important part is learning the basic terminology, flexibility development and the ability to react to the changing environment of visual culture. The intermedia overlaps in the works enable to find suitable medium/media for expressing thoughts. The stress is put on preparation of propositions and their suitable technical and technological execution by classical graphics techniques or in digital environment. While acquiring skills the student uses classical techniques (drawing, relief printing, intaglio, surface printing), alternative techniques (offset printing, xerox printing, roll printing, work with a matrix, etc.), digital technologies, as well as author’s techniques created by experiments with paper and various materials. The content of the studio courses is also focusing on the use of visual communication means (letters, graphic symbols, drawing, print, illustration, overlaps into typography, etc.) in free production. Besides free production the studio enables also the overlaps into typography, poster creation and visual communication.
Head of the studio:
prof. Jiří David