Department of Graphics

Studio of digital and analogue graphics

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Master’s degree (Mgr. art.) study program Free fine art

Focusing on the digital environment and transcription into analogue form is a specific form that allows the use of various knowledge in the field of graphic design, working with software, working with photography, graphics and the digital environment in general, which can be used as a basis for experimental analogue graphics and spatial solutions in the medium of graphics.

Course contents:

1) Basic knowledge database focusing on interdisciplinary overlaps and contexts within the project.

2) Basic artistic research focusing on interdisciplinary and socio-cultural contexts.

3) Formation of artistic language and procedures of processing a complex solution of work.

4) Within the consultations, presentation of the concept in the form of sketches and visualizations. Considering alternative possibilities and searching for artistic expression in order to build the author's statement and one's own artistic language.

5) Material experiment, variation, combination of techniques and materials in search of an adequate form of artistic expression. Participatory strategies of free creation and applied graphics.

6) Graphic experiment, application and reciprocal use of digital forms, utility graphics in free art, as well as the use of interactive forms in art.

Head of the studio:
Mgr. art. Patrik Ševčík, ArtD.